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TOW1- Social Media 101

Posted on: August 29, 2010

There are so many different forms of social media that it has become hard to keep up with them all. I currently use WordPress, twitter, and Facebook and have made a promise to myself not to join anything more.

I have Facebook accounts for both professional and personal use, so they keep me pretty busy. On a personal level, I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends that I am unable to see on a regular basis. Now that I am in my upper division classes it is harder and harder to find time to spend with anyone except for my books. Using Facebook professionally is something very new to me. I work for a new business on campus and have already started to see how Facebook can impact our traffic volume. Students and staff who wouldn’t know about us are already coming in to schedule exams and buy merchandise.

WordPress is something I only use for class as of right now -I have a hard time believing that my life in Statesboro is entertaining enough for people beyond my friends to keep up with. This is my second semester using WordPress and I’m finally becoming comfortable with the format. It isn’t quite as simple or user-friendly as Facebook or twitter.

Twitter is another avenue I use for both professional and personal use. As far as personal use goes, I find that I am less likely to censor myself on twitter than I am on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not running around blabbing inappropriately, but I’m more selective about who follows me on twitter than Facebook so it is just easier to express what kind of day I’m really having. My professional twitter account is off to a sluggish start and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get people interested in our twitter page…only time will tell if that is going to have any sort of impact on the business.

Social media can be a really great tool if you allow it to be!


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