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September 14th- posted on Katie Stambek’s Blog- See comment here

Katie- I agree that they should have covered quoting and paraphrasing more. Personally, I feel like that is something that I still struggle with in my writing, so it was good to hear that someone else found it important enough to need coverage. The section on abbreviations was most helpful. It was more in-depth and specific than any style guide I’ve found so far. The areas covered by News University were all areas that I’ve had questions about in the recent past. I think they chose great topics to discuss. I too was presently surprised with the material covered.

September 21st- posted on Brianna W.’s Blog – See comment here

I also feel like Georgia’s education system has taught me how to expand my writing and drag things out. Writing clear and concise statements was never a priority in any of my writing classes until college. In most of my classes a word count still applies, but you have to make the very most of every word to get your point across in the best way possible. Grammer Girl’s article gave some great and easy to remember tips about how to stick to the point. Eliminating fluff from your papers is a great way to be taken more seriously and to give yourself room to make more important points.

September 21st- Comment posted on Brian Solis’ blog- see comment here

I have to admit, I didn’t even notice some of the changes made by twitter until you pointed them out one by one. Prior to the “new twitter” page, I was an inconsistent tweeter at best. The changes that have been made have made it so much easier to tweet and follow the tweets of others that I find myself checking my twitter more than once a day now. I do miss the branding of the old page… without branding twitter becomes closer and closer to a facebook page. Hopefully they will bring the branding options back. The best thing about the new twitter page is the increased threading. LOVE IT!

September 21st- Comment to Alicia Addison’s Blog- See comment here

You bring up a really good point Alicia! Words can be taken entirely differently when they are read rather than heard. Without hearing the intonation of a person’s voice, it is a lot easier for something to come across negatively. When leaving a comment on a blog, it is important to provide constructive criticism if you disagree with the person’s point of view. Bashing another person’s blog doesn’t do you any good- more than likely it will turn readers off from your blog.

September 21st- Comment on PR Junkie’s Post about the “Ground Zero Mosque” – see comment here

Although I agree that this headline was misleading, I feel like this was a subject that attention needed to be drawn to. Dishonesty is never a good policy, but any kind of religious center that close to the ground zero site is inappropriate. Journalists often spin a headline to draw media attention, and it usually works. I feel like other, more ethical methods could have been used. Because of the emotion attached to 9/11, people are especially sensitive about the issue. It is sad that people would stoop to that level to gain ratings.

September 21st- Response to Katie Stambek’s blog about Corporate Blogging- see comment here

This is the second time that I’ve heard headlines mentioned as a crucial factor of blogging. In an article I read, headlines were listed as the easiest way to make your blog stand out among the sea of online content. I initially thought that was a no brainer when it came to blogging, but obviously not if it has been mentioned repeatedly among experts as a way to improve your blog. The article also mentioned including a call to action. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again- I really enjoy reading tips from experts that correlate to what we’ve learned in class.

September 22- Comment on Barbara Nixon’s Twitter Tips Blog – see comment here

This is my second time using twitter for class and I’m hooked! I have to admit that I catch myself tweeting FB style updates sometimes, but with advice like this it is becoming less of a problem. Your starter pack of PR professionals to follow is AWESOME! I’ve only been following them for a few days and have already been shown some really interesting material pertaining to everyday life and PR related matters. I really feel like twitter is one of those things that the more you put in to it, the more you get out, and tips like this make it so much easier to give and receive. THANKS!

October 18th Lindsay Bower’s Blog

I love that you mentioned internship opportunities being on twitter! I see them on there all of the time! I didn’t follow @InternQueen before, but you better believe I will now! I also had to use twitter for my Intro class, but it was with Groover instead of Nixon. This “week of twitter” was a lot more laid back and had less guide lines which was nice for me. You bring up a good point about being able to ask other students questions via twitter… Sometimes another student can provide insight that a teacher can (or won’t) give. It is crazy how much can come from those 140 characters!

November 30th Katie Stambek’s Blog

Viral media campaigns are taking over the world! Well, not really, but they have definitely become very popular. I didn’t realize that viral videos were as effective as the research you cited shows. If a consumer is two times more likely to purchase a product they’ve seen a viral video for, it is no wonder they have become so popular! Isn’t Georgia Southern working on a viral campaign to send to alumni? I hope it has the same kind of success!

I also love that you’re following Mashable too. I started following it on twitter and can’t stop reading it! They post the most interesting stuff!

November 30th on a Behind the Spin Blog post- see comment here

Facebook is turning into a monopoly on the internet! While it is convenient to have access to so many features in one location, sometimes I find myself itching to browse to other pages just for a change of cyber-scenery. I really hope the “little” guys like Foursquare and Gowolla can stick it out. Location based networking is not something I’ve taken part in as of yet, but it is a great idea with many benefits to PR professionals. I look forward to seeing how this plays out down the road.

November 30th on a PR Junkie Post- see comment here

While I am curious to see what kind of momentum this petition will build and if it will lead to anything, I feel that it will probably fizzle out. I realize that the new security measures aren’t exactly comfortable, but I think the reports of groping and the like are a bit far-fetched. I know plenty of people who traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday and had zero problems with the heightened security measures. People need to get over themselves and realize that airport workers are merely doing what they have been instructed to do.

November 30th on a Mashable Post- see comment here

I’m always searching the web looking for new websites to try so this list was great to read. I’m not a huge fan of Flickr but my dad is hooked. I’m looking for a new site to show him that he might like better. I really like the websites that include apps for mobile devices. I’m eager to see what sites gain a big enough following to compete with the big wigs that exist today. There are so many people that use picture sharing websites today that I think this is a great market to expand and the possibilities are endless.

November 30th on a Mashable Post- see comment here

The information that Google has released about their new project has kept it vague enough to keep us all wondering what their goal is. I agree that their intention is probably to compete with Facebook down the line, but it will take a huge social overhaul for Google to be even close to competition for the social networking giant. It would be much more interesting to see the two combine forces and do something amazing together than to watch them compete. There are so many different social networks now that it is overwhelming. I would love to see a decreased number of social networking sites and have fewer options with better quality.

November 30th on a SocialTimes post- see comment here

It is always interesting to read about another country’s use of social media and how it compares to social media within the US. I found it very interesting that China’s social media dates back further than that of the US. I don’t agree that it is more developed. Social Media within the US is a huge business that has grown and developed so much in the last 10 years. Websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are constantly changing to stay on the cutting edge of new media. There are many similarities about how social media is viewed in both countries which I found most interesting.

November 30th on a SocialTimes post- see comment here

You could not be more right! I feel like I am constantly bombarded with different videos online. It has gotten to the point that I very seldom share anything with my friends. But when I do share a video, it has has to have the characteristics you listed above. The examples you used were all so great. I think I’m going to send an email out to my friends and family telling them not to send me videos unless they have the majority of these characteristics from now on!


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