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Chapter 1- Getting Organized

Posted on: August 25, 2010

Chapter 1-Getting Organized- from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

-The role of a public relations writer differs from that of any other kind of writer. Rather than seeking objectivity, a PR writer seeks advocacy. Meaning that it is the job of a PR writer to accurately inform, persuade, and motivate the reader.

-Unlike journalists, PR writers must be able to reach numerous and vastly different audiences. When writing for PR you must first define your audience and then tailor your writing towards their attitudes, wants, and needs.

-One of the most important steps in PR writing is defining your purpose. There are six key questions to ask when setting your purpose according to the text: 1. What is the desired outcome? 2. Who is our target audience? 3. What are our audience’s needs? 4. What is our message? 5. What channel of communication is most effective? 6. Who is our most believable spokesperson?

-Strive to write stories at a fourth to sixth grade reading level. Majority of the time your entire audience will not have attended college

-Write in the active voice

-Avoid using words that indicate race/gender/sexuality or pronouns that indicate gender


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