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TOW16- Helpful Hints

Posted on: November 30, 2010

After a lot of thought, I decided to write a list of helpful hints for anyone looking to PRCA 3330 with Professor Nixon in the future. I wish I had some advice before taking the class, so I hope this helps!

1. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS! Generally speaking you are able to set your own pace in online classes. This is not the case with this course. There is a schedule put in place for YOUR benefit. Setting your own pace often leads to waiting until the last-minute to complete classwork.

2. Look to your classmates blogs for ideas. You are all in the same boat and can be each others best resources.

3. With that being said, don’t get too personal. A blog should be interesting and informative without being a tell all about your life.

4. Cite your sources! The internet makes it way too easy for people to claim work on their own (even on accident). Do yourself a favor and record where you get your information from. WordPress makes it so easy! Take advantage of it!

5. Be conscious of your spelling and grammar when blogging. It is easy to fall into the habit of using slang when you’re posting online, but it makes it really hard for your readers to follow what you are saying.

6. Blog about things that happen to you throughout the course of your day on campus. Chances are, your classmates will know what you are talking about and comment on your post!

7. Follow people outside of your class as well. Experienced bloggers will be able to give you helpful hints about how to make your blog better.

8. Do not bash other people’s posts. If someone took the time to write it, you need to respect their opinions and beliefs.

9. Make sure that your theme allows for easy reading. No one wants to squint to read your posts!

10. Have fun with it! This assignment can be fun if you let it be!


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