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Stirring up the pot…

Posted on: November 30, 2010

Fox’s The Simpsons has never been discreet when it comes to weighing in on current events. But it is quite unusual for a network to allow one of their shows to bash them on the air. There has been a lot of controversy about Fox’s views lately, but I think the creators of the show have crossed a line. And apparently so does a fellow Fox employee, Bill O’Reilly. He has lashed out on his own show about the opinions displayed on the cartoon.

I applaud Fox for not having censored The Simpsons yet, but I can’t help but wonder when they are going to decide enough is enough. Disagreement among the creators of different shows is somewhat to be expected, but on air bashing is just plain tacky. And I’m sure I’m not the only viewer who feels this way. Drama like this should be behind the scenes. I’m not sure if Fox’s take on this incident is any press is good press, but for me it is a complete turn off to the network.


1 Response to "Stirring up the pot…"

I think part of the problem is that those kinds of show are very opinionated. I am a big fan of Family Guy and South Park as well. Both of those shows are the same way. Sometimes they touch on topics you just dont want to hear. However, I usually just don’t let it get to me. Part of what makes the shows so funny is the opinionated comments whether I agree with them or not.

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