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Chapter 14- Writing E-mails, Memos and Proposals

Posted on: November 20, 2010

Chapter 14 of our text by Wilcox talked about the different forms of interpersonal communication a writer has at their disposal. E-mailing and memos are two methods commonly used by PR professionals today. There are certain guidelines that improve effectiveness when followed.

When sending an e-mail it is important to remember that while it is an informal communication, GRAMMAR AND SPELLING STILL COUNT. I cannot tell you how big of a pet peeve of mine it is to receive an email that is poorly formatted.  Also, make sure to remember because a person does not hear the tonality of your voice, word choice is key. Generally speaking, attachments are frowned upon. Unless another document is absolutely necessary to the message do not send one.

A memo (short for memorandum) is a bit more formal than an e-mail. Memos serve a wide variety of purposes within a community but are generally used to distribute information on a widespread level. Proper grammar and spelling are still important, as well as remaining brief. If the memo is being sent via email be sure to include specifics in the subject line to avoid your message being overlooked.



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