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TOW14- Tips for telling a Multimedia Tail

Posted on: November 19, 2010

NewU’s Five Steps to telling a Multimedia Story was a less than exciting review of how to tell a multimedia story. Generally I look forward to taking NewU courses, but this one did not live up to the expectations past courses have set. The text that accompanied the course was long and dry which made it hard to read.

The course broke story telling into 5 basic steps:

  • Choosing a story- be sure to look for a story that is multidimensional and can be portrayed through video, graphics, audio, and photographs
  • Making a storyboard- make a storyboard to organize your ideas and define your resources; this will help to define the limits of your story and identify any thing you may be missing
  • Reporting with multimedia- be sure to go out in to the field fully prepared; a multimedia story needs to be well planned out and not thrown together
  • Editing for the web- once you have finished shooting, compare what you acquired with your intended storyboard; use only the best quality media you obtained; try to use the different varieties of media evenly
  • Producing the story- make use of a web designer as your editor

Overall the most helpful section of the course was “Reporting with Multimedia”. The interactive activity helped you plan what to pack when going out into the field. The two sections were broken up into technology and basic needs. I would not have thought to bring items like plastic bags to act as a rain jacket for the lens if it were not for this activity. Having a well prepared pack ensures that you can capture all of the media you need in the moment. Often times there will not be an opportunity to make-up for anything you’ve missed.



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