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Budding Connections

Posted on: October 30, 2010

The benefits of being in a sorority don’t necessarily stop with graduation. As a member of Phi Mu, I can tell you that getting connected with thousands of professionals after graduation is as easy as signing up for a new social media website because Phi Mu has created the Bloom Network to facilitate Phi Mu to Phi Mu communication.

It may sound silly to have a social network just for Phi Mu members, but it really is a great thing! I can instantly get in contact with PR professionals across the globe. Older members of our chapter have used Bloom to help them find internships and jobs already.  Bloom is like a twitter/wordpress/facebook hybrid. You create a profile with information about yourself (including all of your contact information), you can send other users messages, blog about what is going on in your life, join groups, upload photos and so much more.

As a future PR professional, I am looking to take advantage of any connections I’ve got. A lot of today’s job market is based on who you know. I don’t plan on relying solely on my connections, I realize it is about how hard you’re willing to work too.


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