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TOW11- Info about Infographics

Posted on: October 28, 2010

According to our text by Wilcox an infographic is computer generated artwork that attractively displays simple tables and charts. They are often used to make an article more appealing to the public and explain figures and charts in a simple, easy to understand manner. A simple infographic can be created using a Microsoft Office application and programs like Indesign are used to create more complex ones.

There are three questions that need to be answered before creating an infographic:

  • Why? Why are you creating an infographic? What purpose will it serve? Once you’ve answered these questions you will know what kind of data to collect for your graphic.
  • How? How will your graphic display the data you are trying to relay? How are you going to refine your data?
  • Does it work? Does your infographic fulfill your original goal?

For further details about designing an infographic, I recommend reading this entry on the IntryShift blog.

In between answering the questions above use these 5 steps to Creating an Infographic to make sure your visual is as appealing as possible.

  • Create a skeleton and flowchart- Have an idea of what you want the infographic to look like before you begin.  a skeleton is almost like an outline for an infographic.
  • Devise a color scheme-Color schemes can make or break an infographic.  Assign colors for certain purposes before beginning the design.
  • Decide between using a theme and a reference graphic
  • Research and Data-Information in the visual should be backed up with facts.
  • Knowledge- A good infographic should be informative to all readers and should relay the most important of information.

Here are a few examples of infographics that I thought were neat!


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