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A blow to my Beiber Fever…

Posted on: October 20, 2010

I’m not quite sure how to feel after reading this article. I can admit it, I’ve got Beiber Fever, and this is really a surprise to me. How is it possible that the little face behind all of those infectious tunes is really a big jerk? And as great of a job as his PR team did, I have a hard time applauding them for covering up his bratty behavior.

Instances like this are what give people license to call PR professionals “spin doctors”. I know it is our job to make our clients look the best that they can, but I don’t know that I will ever be able to work for someone who I have to lie for.  Does this make me naive? Maybe. Does this limit who I can work for? Most definitely. Does this mean I’ll be bad at my job? No way!

I just think it is wrong for Bieber’s team to get away with spinning this story the way they did. Bieber apparently has a history of bratty acts like this (which I was unaware of previously)… why are people eating this up? I guess some of it can be credited to the fact that he is America’s Golden Boy right now, but come on people! Wake up!



10 Responses to "A blow to my Beiber Fever…"

We watched a video about this in class today! In the video there is a young guy who had a connection to a guy who worked at the lazer tag center and the owner’s daughter. The guy in the video said that nothing really happened, it was not a fight it was really just them playing lazer tag and being kids.

The female reporter then stated that it is sad that Beiber cannot be just a normal kid anymore, he has to grow up because being a young boy is bad for his image.

Also, Beiber is joining an organization that works to stop bullying. He is going to be one of their sponsors and spokespeople.

🙂 So maybe your Beiber Fever is safe…I for one never had it to begin with, but glad to help preserve it!

Uh oh and upset Bieber fan!!! What happened? Why is he looking bratty? It’s funny you mention his PR team because one of my friends is actually on it, ha! Like you said though, most stuff gets blown out of proportion. She actually travels around with him on the road to handle the PR stuff first hand. She has had a blast, but has said more than once to me that every famous person needs a great PR firm. She says he can look at someone the wrong way and it is in the paper the next day. Also recovering from this mostly untrue bad press is hard to do. Hey if I was as popular and rich as Bieber is now at his age, I think I might be a little bratty also! 🙂

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I was left in the dust by the Beiber Bandwagon… and I must say I’m okay with it! I haven’t really heard anything about this recent issue; however, I have heard of some past instances where Mr. Beiber was enjoying his adolescent teenage years. I think that its almost a traumatizing experience that young stars have because they transfrom themselves from unknown children to world-famous stars.But as publicist, it is our job to assure the world that our stars are coping just fine. There is only so much we can once their attitude overpowers our rebuddles. For instance, Lindsay Lohan’s publicist could not possibly defend her reputation anymore. I feel for her. I think these guys need some time to act like kids, and to appreciate the hard work that their publicist do to protect their futures.

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What incident are you talking about? I am aware of the Bieber Fever and his music and though I do catch myself swaying to it as I drive down the road, I can’t say I know about this PR/Beiber incident you are talking about. I agree with Alicia, who commented you first, that it is such a delicate situation taking a child out of their childhood and making them an international sensation. Though a wonderful experience in many aspects, the reality of what it can produce it saddening.

I agree with you when you say that it is instances like this that give PR professionals the term “spin doctors”. However, Justin Beiber is only a 16 year old boy who is still learning what is acceptable and what is not. It is up to his family and his PR team to help him understand that his actions are will not go without the media or press getting a wind of it. Atleast his isn’t getting as much bad publicity as Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, or even Paris Hilton. I think that he is still trying to figure out who he is as a person, and I believe that he will surprise us all in the end when he grows into an amazing young man.

America worships celebrities. As a fan of Justin Bieber, you shouldn’t be concerned with what he does in his personal life. You like his music. Why should his personal life change your taste in music? I made the same argument for Michael Jackson. Justin Bieber is the Brittany Spears of 2010. And just like Brittany Spears, he will more than likely be hated by the American public. It’s just how things work here. It’s hard to explain, and I’m sure most mainstream-music fans would disagree, but they are being naieve. We bring people up to pull them down. Who cares if this kid is a bratt. He still makes music that makes you tingle.

Once again I feel as if this was one of those situations where someone wanted to try to get in the news by getting a celebrity in trouble. Justin is just a teenager and teenagers mess up once in a while and get in trouble, I mean come on they are not perfect little angels who never do anything wrong. I feel bad for celebrities and people who are constantly in the spot light because one little slip up and then it is in the media. I mean come on he got a in a little fist fight while playing laser tag, who cares. He may screw up a few times along the way to adulthood but what young teen doesn’t? I believe the media needs to leave the poor kid alone and let him live his life with a few screw ups along the way.

Wow! I’m surprised that this many people weighed in on this of all posts… Now that the whole incident has blown over, it is easier to see it for what it was…. Not a big deal. He is a kid who is entitled to make his mistakes. I’m just lucky that when I was his age my every move wasn’t being reported!

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