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How to make your online content POP!

Posted on: September 21, 2010

In a society that is rapidly becoming more and more contingent upon the internet it is important to know how to make your online content stand out among the rest. Lee Odden wrote a quick guide to help you do just this. I found his article to be very interesting and helpful. Although I am just a student, many of my classes require me to post material online. Whether it be through discussion forums, blogs, twitter, or other social media sites, I want to make sure that what I’m writing is being read. And the best way to do that is to make my writing appeal to the reader.

To begin, you must first define a purpose for your writing. Once you have identified your reasoning behind what you are writing, the manner in which you should write becomes much more clear. Remember to make your message unique and clear. There should be two sentences that make it clear what your intended audience action is. Your content needs to be presented in an appealing and easy to share package. Design elements play into how well your information is going to be received. Make sure to distribute your content to groups that will find it relevant. Use the social media resources of today to your advantage. Include a call to action… you’ve got them to read your content, now what do you want them to do? After you’ve done your best to put your content out there, see how well you’ve met your objectives. If you haven’t met the goals you set for yourself, use what you’ve learned to adjust your approach.

I really liked this article because it reinforced the methods we are being taught in PR classes today. It is nice to see that our knowledge will be practical down the line.


9 Responses to "How to make your online content POP!"

I agree its important that our posted material online is being read, and properly understood for that matter. Writing for all mediums, not only online media, should be held up against Lee Odden’s guidelines you’ve provided. I think its important to exercise consistency when it comes to distributing information through various platforms. Some people may argue that it is near impossible to distribute “content that is relevent” to different audiences, but I find it helpful find a single voice and stick with it. I understand this may be challenging, but I know its possible.

[…] 8. How to make your online content POP! […]

This was a very informative post, it shows PR professionals that everything you learn will help you down the line. Great!

I’m really happy that you emphasized the importance of organization when writing, especially with blogging. Blogs can easily become very confusing and unorganized if not kept up well, so its important to have categories, clear titles, and relevant points to add to your writing. Its very easy to get carried away or off track while blogging. This was informative and helpful to all writers of social media!

I always wonder if my stuff is being read other than my classmates. This guide is a great idea and proof that we will be using these methods down the road to get our writing out there. That’s probably why the communications field is always changing rapidly. With all of the online content out there, we can transfer data back and forth with no problem. Well now, I got to get back to my blog and work on my approach. After all, it is the approach that really counts 😉

The one thing I have had trouble with is getting the reader to meet your objectives. I know my main objectives are for interactive comments, but most companies want more. Most companies want readers to buy a product or attend and event. Well here are my questions. How do I get that experience companies want when my blog has a different funciton? How do I prove to companies that I can improve their business with social media?

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